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Santa Cruz

Our Santa Cruz Coastal Team extends Sereno Group’s presence to one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of the world.

Sereno Group – Santa Cruz
2407 Porter Street #150
Soquel, CA 95073

Phone: (831) 460-1100
Fax: (831) 515-1100

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The coastal market embodies the true spirit of California living; a lifestyle offering incredible closeness to the natural world and a sophisticated awareness of its exclusivity and uniqueness.

A number of Santa Cruz coastal homes are owned by people with a primary residence in Silicon Valley. We understand the buyers most likely to purchase your home live in our existing marketplaces and have confidence in Sereno Group and our reputation of unmatched service in Santa Clara County.

Our Santa Cruz Coastal Team consists of the market’s best and most experienced agents who have gained a reputation for excellence through continued sales achievement. In addition, our team and office embodies one of Sereno Group’s core principles of environmental sustainability. Our team worked diligently to qualify our office as a certified Monterey County Green Business and will continue to strive for a larger social mindfulness.